Jojoba Facts

Did you know…



  • Jojoba is a highly penetrating wax that closely resembles human sebum, an oily skin moisturizer produced by the sebaceous glands. Widely used in different personal care and cosmetic products, especially to treat dry skin.
  • Jojoba wax is most commonly sold as an oil, but can be also be hydrogenated into esters or beads.

  • In 1934 University of Arizona chemists discovered that Jojoba was the only natural source of liquid wax esters, other than the sperm whale oil. They were amazed that Jojoba oil contains a 98% pure array of monounsaturated liquid wax esters consisting of long chains of fatty acids and alcohols, whereas all other seed oils consist of branched triglyceride molecules.
  • At Purcell Jojoba, we believe that the awareness of petrochemical shortages and related environmental challenges increase, Jojoba utilization for many bio-based products will lead to a much larger Jojoba industry in the near future. Growing more Jojoba trees will help save precious desert water, to help sustain farming in our rural communities and provide a new highly functional, non-petroleum lubricant.