About us

Family Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years

PJI’s success started with a vision by Dr. Hal C. Purcell Sr. in the 70’s. Dr. Purcell retired from his role as President of Purcell Jojoba International in 2009. At that time he passed the responsibility of the company to his son, Hal “Chip” Purcell Jr. Our mission and goals have not changed as we are looking to the future and keeping Purcell Jojoba International as a family business for generations to come.


100_1684For over three decades, Purcell Jojoba International has been committed to being the leading Jojoba producer in the industry. PJI is the only manufacturer in the United States that grows, presses, and processes Jojoba products exclusively. Our products are made from mature, tree-ripened Jojoba seeds at our farm located in Bouse, Arizona. For over 35 years PJI has been committed to nourishing over 700,000 of the world’s finest Jojoba trees, spanning over 1,200 acres. Our mission is to supply our customers with the finest Pure Natural Jojoba products available anywhere in the world.

PJI is firmly committed to supplying Jojoba to an expanding market that demands natural, high quality cosmetic ingredients. Purcell Jojoba International can guarantee that all our Jojoba products are free contamination because we process Jojoba and Jojoba derivative exclusively.

Here at PJI we take pride at the fact we produce, harvest and manufacture all our Jojoba products in their native habitat, the Sonoran Desert, USA.